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December 11, 2021

About the Piedmont in Oakland, California Piedmont is a city in California’s Alameda County that is entirely encircled by Oakland. The name comes from the region of Piedmont in Italy, and it means “foothill.” Piedmont is a city in California’s Alameda County that is entirely encircled by Oakland. The name comes from the region of […]

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About the Piedmont in Oakland, California

Piedmont is a city in California’s Alameda County that is entirely encircled by Oakland. The name comes from the region of Piedmont in Italy, and it means “foothill.” Piedmont is a city in California’s Alameda County that is entirely encircled by Oakland. The name comes from the region of Piedmont in Italy, and it means “foothill.” Piedmont was incorporated in 1907, and it grew significantly during the 1920s and 1930s.

Piedmont is bordered on all sides by Oakland. Piedmont’s northwestern edge is adjacent to Oakland’s Piedmont Ave commercial area. To the southwest, Piedmont bounds Oakland’s historic Grand Lake District (Lakeshore and Grand Avenue commercial areas), while to the northeast it borders the charming and rural Montclair District.

Things to Do in Piedmont in Oakland, California

Piedmont in Oakland, California is blessed with an abundance of fun attractions for residents and visitors to enjoy. 

Here’s a short list of our favorites:

1. Claremont Country Club | 5295 Broadway Terrace, Oakland, CA 94618

Claremont Country Club is a picturesque, secluded spot in the hills of Oakland. With its gorgeous views and unparalleled amenities, this club offers something special for everyone. The members are friendly and inviting while the staff is professional yet personable.

Whether you’re looking to relax with family or friends, play an exciting round of golf on one of their five courses, enjoy fine dining at any number of local restaurants nearby, or host your next event here at Claremont Country Club – they have it all! Visit them today to learn more about what makes them so unique among other country clubs in the area.

2. Children’s Fairyland | 699 Bellevue Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

Children’s Fairyland is an old-fashioned amusement park with rides for all ages. The ten-acre theme park has traditional attractions like roller coasters, log flumes, and carousels as well as more kid-friendly stuff such as play areas or animal exhibits that are sure to keep your little ones entertained while they wait in line at one of the many foods stands.

In 1950, the Oakland Lake Merritt Breakfast Club built Fairyland as a community service project. The park quickly became nationally recognized and served as an inspiration to countless other parks during that decade due in part because of its uniqueness: In addition to being family-friendly with rides for kids of all ages, it also featured carousel horses that could be ridden by adults without pedaling.

3. Oakland Zoo | 9777 Golf Links Rd, Oakland, CA 94605

Oakland Zoo opened the California Trail to the public, focusing on this state’s remarkable native wildlife—both past and present. Oakland Zoo is a perfect date spot and the kids will love it too. It has over 200 animals, including many that can be seen up close like gorillas or Zebras. They also have exhibited with African Lions in them for all you big cat lovers out there. If your significant other isn’t as into nature then fear not-the zoo has plenty of activities to keep both adults and children entertained such as feeding giraffes from their elevated platform Feeding Time at Oakland Zoo.

A great place to take someone who might otherwise never go near an animal sanctuary. The zoo has a great conservation department that works tirelessly on protecting endangered species, some of which can be seen right there in the Zoo.

Living in  Piedmont in Oakland, California

Residents of  Piedmont in Oakland, California are blessed to live in an area full of nature while also being quite close to city life. There is never a shortage of coffee shops, parks, or shopping centers to enjoy within a five-minute drive of Piedmont in Oakland, California

 Residents are also able to enjoy a rich spiritual life at the following houses of worship:

1. Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church | 3534 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

The Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church in Chicago is a popular stop for tourists. Even though it’s not the biggest church in the city, it stands out because of its modern exterior and its scenic location on Lake Michigan. The inside of this building is just as beautiful with stained-glass windows that are still in good condition after 140 years. One thing to remember when you visit this church is that there are free parking spots available on weekdays during work hours.

Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church is the perfect place for you. They have a fun and casual atmosphere that will make you feel at home. Come on down to Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church today and let their congregation welcome you with open arms.

2. Piedmont Community Church | 400 Highland Ave, Piedmont, CA 94611

Piedmont Community Church is a place of worship where members can go for spiritual guidance. The church has been around for over 150 years, which means it’s doing something right. It’s no wonder that the church offers its cafe with coffee and desserts, as well as a nursery for children who can’t make it through Sunday morning service.

Piedmont Community Church is a small, intimate church located in the middle of Piedmont. They are not a mega-church but they always have room for one more. Whether you’re looking to grow spiritually or just want to enjoy some coffee and donuts on Sunday morning with friends, this is the place for you.

3. St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church | 1219 Excelsior Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church in Oakland, CA is a small parish of about 400 parishioners. The building is located on the corner of Piedmont Avenue and Claremont Ave., with the entrance facing onto Claremont Ave.

The church, which has been modified over time, features stained glass windows that are original to the construction of the building along with an interior that includes wood pews and a high altar made from Italian marble imported during World War II when there were shortages due to wartime restrictions on shipping materials overseas for use by religious institutions. 

St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church is a proud member of the Oakland, CA community. The church is also proud to offer many other services that are beneficial for those who live in or around Oakland, including weekly confessions, bible study groups, marriage counseling, baptisms, and much more. Our goal is always to provide members of our parish with everything they need spiritually so that they can have a fulfilling life both inside and outside.

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in  Piedmont in Oakland, California

 Piedmont in Oakland, California is also home to some amazing parks, schools, public libraries, and schools for its citizens to enjoy.  These facilities are all world-class, beautifully maintained, and clean so residents of surrounding communities often visit to enjoy them.  

Here’s a short list all located in  Piedmont in Oakland, California: 

1. Blair Park | 930 Moraga Ave, Piedmont, CA 94618

Blair Park is a great place to go if you are looking for some peace. Although it’s not very big, there are plenty of different areas within the park for everyone to enjoy. The best part about Blair Park is that everything in it can be seen from one area, so you don’t have to walk around much. 

If you’re someone who likes taking walks or jogging, this would be a good place for that. It has lots of benches and picnic tables as well as grills if you want to bring food along with your group. As far as public parks go, Blair Park deserves its spot on the list.

2. Piedmont High School | 800 Magnolia Ave, Piedmont, CA 94611

The Piedmont High School is located in the heart of Oakland, CA. The school was established in 1873 and now has 3,000 students. The school’s mascot is the Panther and their colors are orange and black. They have a wide range of sports including baseball, soccer, tennis, football.

Piedmont High School offers many Advanced Placement courses such as AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP English Language & Composition, etc. One exciting thing about this school is that they offer dual-enrollment classes for students who want to get college credit early on. It also hosts an active Science Club where kids can learn about science experiments or just hang out with friends. With so many opportunities at their fingertips, there’s no denying that these kids have got plenty of chances for success.

3. Piedmont Avenue Elementary School | 100 Lake Ave, Piedmont, CA 94611

Piedmont Avenue Elementary School is a school located in the Oakland Hills. It has been educating elementary-aged kids for over 100 years, and it continues to do so today.

Piedmont Ave Elementary School was founded in 1905 by members of the College Women’s Club of Berkeley as an experiment in progressive education principles. Today, Piedmont Ave Elementary is home to more than 400 students from Kindergarten through 5th grade (K-5). Located on a 17-acre campus near Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station at Rockridge BART Station, this historic landmark is one of the most highly sought-after public schools in the Bay Area.

4. Oakland Public Library: Piedmont Avenue Branch | 80 Echo Ave, Oakland, CA 94611

The Oakland Public Library is a great place to visit if you’re looking for some peace. Located on Piedmont Avenue, the library is within walking distance from many of the popular shops and restaurants along College Avenue. The branch offers books, movies, music CDs, videos, DVDs, magazines, and newspapers that will keep any book lover happy. If you need assistance with your research or just want to talk about what’s happening in the world today this is also a great place to come.  Not only does it offer educational materials but there are also computers available so internet browsing is not an issue either. There are study rooms where people can work together or individually on projects they have due at school or work which also makes this branch perfect for students or professionals.

One of the things that makes Piedmont Ave Elementary School so special is its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The school has a very diverse population, with students coming from all different cultures and backgrounds. This creates a wonderfully rich and stimulating learning environment for all students. The teachers are also very committed to creating lessons that will appeal to students of all learning styles. For example, there are regular science experiments that are designed not only to teach the scientific method but also how it applies to everyday life. Art projects are encouraged as well, with many art classes being held on campus.

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