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"Working with Lisa Carnazzo to purchase our dream home has been an absolute pleasure."

Lisa has more than proven her worth throughout the purchase of our home. Our first meeting focused on our family's wants and needs but was backed with local real estate data to help us determine our budget and plan. With her guidance we set up a step-by-step plan to move toward placing an offer on a home as well as a quick turnaround to sell our existing home. She has always been organized, knowledgeable, available, and responsive to our questions. She has been with us every step of the way to keep us on track for a solid proposal that was accepted. Lisa has shown to be a clear and strong communicator who always had our interests as her primary focus.

From the moment our offer was accepted Lisa was planning the required contractors, inspectors, and procedures needed to list our home in 1 month. By the time we closed on our new home (a 7-day close by the way) we had movers, painters, contractors, irrigation specialists, stagers, and inspections reserved all thanks to Lisa. This involved multiple bids for any work that would need to be done--all passed through us so that we were ok with costs. She has acted in some manner as a general contractor would to schedule all work and arrange any necessary meetings. The sheer amount of work and organization it has taken to prepare our home for sale in such a short amount of time is incredible. Lisa is energized by the process which has made working with her such a joy. I am grateful to her that she has made the process of buying as well as selling a home as stress-free as it could possibly be.

Matt & Nicole Nealon, Buyers & Sellers

If you are considering a realtor in the Piedmont, Berkeley, Oakland area I think you'll be hard pressed to find a better agent than Lisa. My wife and I will forever be grateful for her hard work and friendship during the last month.

“We feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon Lisa via a referral."

Lisa did a great job tracking the local Piedmont market to keep us informed of houses we might be interested in that were coming on the market and then touring us around once the houses were available for viewing. Lisa patiently answered all of our questions including many that required follow up with the seller’s agents. When we did decide to make an offer on our home, Lisa worked with us to ensure our offer would be competitive to give us the best chance of acceptance and we were very happy to only have to place an offer on 1 house. Lisa has a strong network and connections that were beneficial during the house search and after purchase. We’re so appreciative of the attention to detail and care Lisa put into our house hunt and would highly recommend Lisa to future home buyers!

Alyssa B., Buyer

My experience with real estate agent Lisa Chan Carnazzo was nothing short of exceptional. 

In the competitive market of Piedmont with limited inventory, Lisa's expertise and dedication truly set her apart. Despite facing steep competition with 13 other offers
 on the table, Lisa's strategic approach and negotiation skills helped us secure our dream home.

From the very beginning, Lisa took the time to understand our needs and preferences, guiding us through the entire home-buying process with professionalism and care. She was always available to answer our questions and address any concerns, making us feel confident
 and supported every step of the way.

Thanks to Lisa's strong network and knowledge of the local market, we were able to navigate a challenging situation and come out on top. Her attention to detail, tireless work ethic, and commitment to her clients truly make her a standout real estate agent.

I cannot recommend Lisa Chan Carnazzo highly enough. If you are looking for a top-notch agent who will go above and beyond to help you achieve your real estate goals, look no further. Lisa is the best in the business, and we are forever grateful for her outstanding  service. Thank you, Lisa, for making our dream home a reality!

Jessica Fong, Buyer

"Team Lisa all the way! "

What an absolute privilege and pleasure it was working alongside Lisa - her knowledge of the local market, clear/concise/consistent communication and her client-first mentality helped us secure our very first home here in Piedmont. We were in constant communication throughout the entire process and she was extremely informative and patient with us, especially, being first-time buyers.

Lisa is not only an expert in the local real estate market, she is a true pleasure to be around and to work with. She has a positive and collaborative work style and the chemistry we built with her was genuine and authentic which helped create trust and ultimately a seamless and smooth transaction process. Lisa has also built strong relationships with local vendors and has a solid rolodex of connections at her fingertips with whom she has built and forged relationships through her tenure in the industry. It goes without saying that Lisa is a relationship-focused partner and it shows.

I grew up here in Piedmont, so this sort of feels like a 'homecoming' of sorts being able to return home now with my wife and 6-month old baby boy.  Without a doubt, we would not be here without her support and expertise through the transaction process.

Thank you, Lisa - we are now homeowners in Piedmont because of you!

I highly recommend Lisa, as a real estate expert, for both buying/selling inquiries - she is an absolute rockstar!

Bryan Fong, Buyer

"I can't say enough good things about our experience with Lisa."

"We were introduced to Lisa Chan Carnazzo through the wonderful Colleen Larkin in Berkeley since we were looking at a move to Piedmont. If you know Colleen, you know that any agent that she describes as "fabulous" is going to be really great – and Lisa did not disappoint.

Lisa was our advisor, our guide, our sherpa as we spent almost 7 months trying to find and buy the forever home for our growing family of four (and soon to be five!). Closing today and getting the keys from Lisa still feels like a dream.

I can't say enough good things about our experience with Lisa. She was so patient with us as we learned about the unique idiosyncrasies of the Piedmont market. We started out a bit naive about what it would take to buy a house in Piedmont, and Lisa really helped demystify the market and home-buying process.

Without a doubt, Lisa is the reason why we were able to buy our forever home. We weren't even planning on putting an offer down since we didn't think we could be competitive, but her instinct was that the timing might be right.

At every stage along the way, from recommending a loan broker (the fantastic Tom Nitsan and MPR team) to making sure all the moving parts were actually moving along, she was instrumental in us being able to close 

Tam Thao Pham, Buyer

in a remarkably short 2 weeks instead of the 21 days we had originally allotted. It's a whirlwind of a process and we had some key decisions that could have slowed us down, but Lisa made sure we were making the right moves.

Lisa is incredibly competent, gracious, communicative, and trustworthy. With her connection to the Piedmont community, we feel like we've had the inside scoop on schools, local businesses, and vendors. It feels so much less intimidating to move into a new community when you already have a friend like Lisa guiding the way.

I would 100% recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a true partner in finding the home of your dreams. Much thanks to her for getting us to this point, our family will forever be grateful."

"I can honestly say that we wouldn’t have landed our forever home in Piedmont without Lisa because we wouldn’t have even made an offer." 

With full open houses and dozens of disclosure packets out, we thought that interest in the property was too high for our offer to stand a chance. In spite of our anticipated low chance of success, Lisa encouraged us to make an offer. Sure enough, Lisa helped ensure that our offer won the day. We have very much enjoyed working with Lisa and getting to know her. Lisa is perceptive and responsive. Through nearly a year working with Lisa, we came to trust her advice thoroughly. From houses to pricing to lenders and timing, Lisa’s recommendations made our efforts both easier and more successful. Some say that real estate is a relationships business and I think Lisa must be one of the best connected agents in Piedmont. If you're thinking about buying (or selling) in Piedmont, I can't recommend Lisa enough.

Adam Tait, Buyer

"Lisa worked patiently and tirelessly to help us find the perfect home."

Through the uncertain months of the pandemic, we looked at countless houses on the market together-- that alone was a very welcome social interaction for us when the number of people we were seeing was still quite limited.

She listened to what we needed as a family and gave us her honest opinions, never pushing us just to make a sale. Two years later, when we finally found the house we knew was just right for us just a few days before offers were due, she made the offer process incredibly stress free.

Lisa was flying back from a family trip and my husband was overseas, but she somehow managed to guide us through the offer process with ease, knowing there were seven offers on the table.

Then, it was time to sell our previous home... Lisa did not disappoint. She came up with a very creative marketing video, advertised the house in all of the local newspapers and on social media, and hosted fun open houses. She meticulously worked with us and all of the stagers, painters, handymen to get the house ready to list in just one week!

Even in the unsettled housing market, Lisa was able to sell our house in eleven days. We are so grateful for Lisa's expertise and friendship, not to mention her dedication to the community.

Tomoko & Andrew Bravo, Buyers & Sellers

"Lisa is a master of her craft."

We quickly built a relationship of trust and turned our focus to finding the right home for our family. In this competitive market, it's no easy task.

Lisa was key. Her guidance throughout was invaluable, helping us make measured decisions, and efficiently navigate every step of the way. Once we found the right home, we sailed through the process following her lead.

We couldn't be happier and couldn't recommend her more!

Simo Bennani & Dina Berrada, Buyers

"Lisa Chan Carnazzo is truly one of a kind."

A house could be just an investment and a stepping stone to another place. For our family, this house was a vessel for peak memories in our life, a place of safety and security, and ultimately a silent family member. Yet when we were deciding who to trust with selling our beloved home, that decision was easy.

We love that Lisa’s glow shines and radiates on all others. She shared her knowledge of the local real estate market, educatedus on the latest architectural trends, introduced us to amazing local resources. She’s a constant professional who addresses all of our big and small questions but with the tender heart that we truly valued throughout this process. We couldn’t be happier or more grateful!

Thank you so much, Lisa!

The Yamazaki Family, Sellers

"I found Lisa a year before we were ready to start making offers.

Piedmont was our first choice and we wanted to work with a realtor who knew the area well and who could maximize our chances of getting into Piedmont. Lisa was responsive and assured us we could get into Piedmont at our price point. Over the course of a year, we kept in contact with her until we were ready to make offers. When we were, Lisa never pressured us to make an offer; instead, she encouraged us to only make offers on homes where we imagined that we'd be happy for the long term. How refreshing! We looked for three months before we found a house we really wanted. Our offer was accepted! We are very happy with the price we got it at given the size of the house and the fact that we have great public schools K-12. I never dreamed we would be able to get into our dream location, and we are so happy we were. I would highly recommend Lisa, she knows the ins and outs of the market and is very knowledgeable and responsive. Thank you for all of your help, Lisa! We are two happy clients!"

Kristen & Jason, Buyers

"When Lisa recently helped me purchase my home in Piedmont she went above and beyond to make sure this home would be mine.

She then sold my Oakland home. Lisa took care of every detail, hiring painters, cleaners, a stager and much more. It was amazing how quickly it all came together. During the open house process she made it a point to meet the neighbors and potential buyers and to keep me in the loop as to how it went. Lisa’s knowledge and organizational skills made the entire process of buying and selling seamless. Thank you Lisa for taking such good care of me.

Joanne Larson, Buyer & Seller

“Lisa Carnazzo came to us highly recommended and now we know why."  

We listed a property in Hayward with her and couldn't have hoped for a smoother sales cycle or better result.

Lisa took care of everything. She advised us to remodel the property and brought in contractors she regularly works with. She suggested what work to do and what materials and colors to choose. She understands the markets she works in and knows what buyers are looking or today. In addition she has great taste, so we trusted her completely and just followed her advice.

We had 12 offers and the property sold for over 20% above asking. An amazing experience.

Scott MacFiggen & Regina Bustamante, Sellers

“I'm so glad I decided to work with Lisa!"  

I never felt rushed when I needed a little extra time to spend in a house and I certainly did not feel pressured into moving forward on a house that didn't feel quite right. In fact, Lisa knew what I was looking for, was able to discuss positives and negatives openly with me, and ultimately helped me make decisions that were in my best interest. Once I found the right house, Lisa went all out on my behalf and took great care of me through the purchase process.

Joanne Larson, Buyer & Seller

“Lisa helped us out through the entire home selling process, hearing my concerns and offering options for how to sell, when to sell, how to prepare, ideas for movers, what to do about the tenant occupied ADU and much more."  

Lisa managed all the house preparations, like yard work, painting, staging, while we were away, taking care of all the details for us. She was super responsive and real through the whole process. We ended up with a great offer and are very pleased with the outcome. Great Job, Lisa! Thank you!

Rebecca Hartley, Seller

"Lisa was instrumental in helping us sell our property and exceed our goals for both time on the market and price. "

We had a very challenging property that was tenant occupied during the pandemic. We needed creative solutions to prepare the house for market. Lisa  was a problem solver and she always knew the right questions to ask and most fruitful avenues to pursue. As difficult and stressful as the situation was for me, Lisa was a pleasure to work with. She was always professional and accessible and she worked tirelessly to take care of all of the details. Lisa was a true advocate, and was both caring about us and supportive of our goals. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Lorrel Plimier, Seller

"There was nothing more daunting than looking for a new home on the West Coast from the East Coast."

We grew to quickly trust Lisa's experience, her ability to navigate the competitive landscape and the advice she had going into contract submissions. Once we got a contract on a home, she tirelessly advocated for us at each step. I wouldn't have wanted to do this without her, because in between the stressful moments (of which there were a lot), we laughed and became friends. She wanted this for us as much as we did -- and it showed.

Missy & Sean Duffy, Buyers

"With Lisa’s help and guidance, we moved out of our house, sold it, and had the keys to our dream home in less than six weeks."

Lisa is laser-focused, attentive, and incredibly knowledgeable about the market. Her attention to detail meant that we never missed a document, a deadline, or an opportunity to do our best in this challenging market. She knows exactly how to get the most for your home and what it takes to bid for a new one.  She’s also warm, thoughtful, and has a great sense of humor. If you’re going to do something as intense and terrifying as buying or selling a home in the Bay Area, Lisa is exactly who you want by your side."

Micaela McDonald, Buyer & Seller

"Selling a house isn’t easy, but Lisa makes it painless."

She told us what appliances to replace and upgrade to get the most bang for our buck, handled all the vendors (landscaping, handyman, hardwood floor refinishers, staging, etc), and priced the house just right to get us over twenty bids and an unbelievable price. She’s professional, hard-working, strategic, fun, and relatable. Her real estate knowledge is immense and you will feel lucky to have known and worked with her."

Alvin Liuson. Buyer & Seller

Selling a home can be a stressful and arduous task in the best of times, so working with someone you trust during the process is critical.

My wife and I could not have been happier to have Lisa working on our behalf during the recent sale of our home. Despite market conditions that were not in our favor, Lisa always had an optimistic attitude, took a can-do approach, and kept us in the loop with new possibilities throughout the entire selling process. She even proposed and executed innovative ideas such as creating custom videos of our home and worked countless weekends and weekdays to present our home as much as possible. We were constantly impressed with how Lisa came to the table with informed selling suggestions, and market research and data to help us make the best decision on how to sell our home. It was an outstanding experience and the overall result was securing an offer that we were thrilled with and a closing process that we were escorted through in the highest professional manner. We would highly recommend Lisa for anyone looking to sell their home - we're certainly glad we did!  

Paul Pavich, Buyer & Seller

Elaine Pavich, Buyer & Seller

As stressful as the process could have been, Lisa was able to help minimize the anxiety throughout the process. She did a great job of advising 2 newbie home buyers how to navigate the uncertainties of buying a home - from finding EXACTLY what would make us happy to smartly advising us on the offer process to communicating efficiently and pulling all the pieces together through the closing process. Lisa was resourceful, constantly accessible, and incredibly vigilant in ensuring we got our dream home. We're so grateful to have found Lisa as our trusted realtor!"

"Who knew shopping for a home could be fun?!"

"Lisa is fantastic!"

My wife and I were looking for a new home and had some challenging requests (price, neighborhood, size, etc.) which Lisa took in stride. Buying a home in the Bay Area can be stressful but throughout our entire process Lisa kept a fun, upbeat and optimistic attitude and was a pleasure to work with. We had lots of questions during the process which Lisa was quick to answer for us, and if she didn't know right away she would take the time to find out for us. We were given fantastic service and the end result was a home that we could not be more thrilled with purchasing! Will definitely be using Lisa again.

Paul Pavich, Buyer & Seller

Mike L.um, Buyer

From day one she took the time to listen to what we were looking for in our first home. We never felt any pressure during our 9 month search, and Lisa patiently guided us through countless walkthroughs, offers and disappointments. Thanks Lisa for all of your support and for really getting to know us in the process."

"Lisa was a great realtor to work with."

"Lisa took good care of us in purchasing our first home in California!"

We love her humble disposition and gentle approach throughout the home buying process. She was well-informed and resourceful in giving us the information we needed, and continues to assist us after closing. We appreciate her diligence and hope to work with Lisa again in the future."

Richard Tom, Buyer

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